How to Start Diversifying Your Traffic in current Digital Landscape

Digital Marketing Strategy in Digital Landscape: Introduction – Google offers huge opportunities for businesses to start, maintain, and grow online. It also creates an unhealthy dependency on a group of products for many companies. Continuous Changes to Google’s search results page reduce the chances of getting organic traffic.

Google continues to increase advertising revenue, direct users to properties owned by Google, and continue to make changes to meet the needs of searchers without leaving SERP. This means that digital marketers have less opportunity to get organic traffic from Google.

No, this is not another ‘SEO dead’ post.

Organic search is still a powerful source of traffic and should be at the core of your long-term strategy. But if you rely on Google’s organic traffic, you need to adjust your strategy.

In my opinion, none of the strategies shared here are new or trend-setting. But the level up to solid marketing. It’s not algorithms or quick wins that make quarterly revenue. It is to diversify traffic to create stability when changes come (and changes will continue to occur from Google).

Diversification occurs when products are introduced into new markets. Implementing this approach requires a lot of time and resources, but it is a mature strategy for long-term growth.

Let’s take a deep dive…

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Achieve Quicker and better Results

If you have a variety of Digital Marketing strategies, you can strategically integrate or cross-converge different marketing channels. This broadens the range of customers and allows you to get faster and better results.

For example, combining organic SEO campaigns with PPC campaigns can increase click-through rates by up to 25% and increase profits by 27%.

Another approach is to combine the efforts of email marketing with social media campaigns and blogging strategies. The integration and synergy of these three marketing channels will attract more customers to your business, including those who have never heard of your business in the past.

Of course, it makes sense to focus more on how to get the best ROI(Return On Investment).

The study research from Bright Oak has proven that this diversification and integration are effective in improving conversion rates by 200%.

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Cross-platform promotions

The core audience is not in a central location. Ensure that all platforms you use are reached in a highly targeted manner.

The percentage of adults on Facebook is huge, but the content they work hard to create for this narrow vertical type is of great value. Don’t do anything for nothing important.

Use the content, ideas, and copies you create to move them to multiple platforms. Create special messages for the atmosphere of the channel and talk to your audience’s personal needs so that your messages will hit home.

Take a moment to think about targeting your target audience, what types of content you get the most interaction, and how to effectively engage them.

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It’s an SEO indicator

SEO represents a technical process of search engine optimization to increase your web presence so that you can get in the search, index, and appear in searches that are looking for words and phrases related to your niche.

SEO is complex, but one of the main tenants is link building. Links basically ‘vote’ from one site to another, and the content is of high quality. If your site contains links from a wide range of site categories, content, and audience types, it sends a signal to Google that your content is widely trusted by different audiences.

The higher the trust factor, the greater the chance slower Google will respond to your query. So, in a word, diverse marketing channels can tell more people that Google trusts you.

Take advantage of the traffic you’ve already gearing

The above themes are focused on finding ways to drive more traffic, but we want the brand to drive profits and optimize the website experience. It’s a good idea to focus on more time and budget.

Yes, you need to plan in detail and learn how to get traffic. But don’t forget the traffic you’ve got.

The myriad definitions of UX and CRO can be found in the digital marketing space, but we see them as a necessary task to reduce friction in conversion point journeys.

Build trust throughout the funnel, focusing on the factors that drive the experience, such as website speed, removing unwanted content, and considering the factors that influence it.

If done in the right way, conversion metrics may change significantly with increasing traffic.

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Reach a Wider audience

One of the key benefits of a diverse digital marketing strategy is that the business has an online presence and the potential of a broad audience.

According to statistics, 23% of the total consumer time allocated online is spent on finding a solution to the problem.

On the other hand, 80% of today’s consumers do several online surveys before deciding which services or products to buy. Therefore, you need to be able to access, view and meet your needs at any time.

If you have a diverse digital marketing strategy, you can help them meet their needs by reaching a target audience and delivering valuable, engaging content.

Prepare for future market changes

Developing a variety of digital marketing strategy is one of the best ways to develop a market in the coming months or years.

Established marketing platforms such as Facebook and Google are constantly changing algorithms and advertising policies. Therefore, it is ideal to use a variety of marketing techniques. Therefore, when the change arrives, the impact on you is minimal.

A variety of marketing tools and platforms help you adapt to change. They will help you stabilize your reputation, online visibility, and business revenue.

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Be Independent of third-party programs

Today, many marketers and entrepreneurs rely on third-party initiatives. In many cases, these companies need to be affected by the various rules and constraints of growth.

This is cost-effective from the start but is actually a major setback to the business. For example, if Facebook implements some changes, it will definitely experience a drop in return.

According to a Facebook spokesman, the best way to increase corporate exposure is to pay for it.

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