Four Pitfalls That Most Digital Marketing Agencies Encounter when they Expand

If you run a Digital marketing agency, development is the ultimate goal, isn’t it? Digital Marketing agencies owners want to work with the largest clients, build the largest team, win the biggest prizes, and win the biggest compensation deals.

Unfortunately, the pathway to sustainable development has the potential implications not only of deployment capacity but also of the overall effectiveness of the Agency.

Let’s check-in for a brief demonstration on Four Pitfalls That Most Digital Marketing Agencies Encounter when they Expand

    Pitfall No. 1: You are trying to prove your Scale exceeding Your Skills
    Pitfall No. 2: Your System is Not Scalable
    Pitfall No. 3: You don’t have deep talent in you.
    Pitfall No. 4: You Don’t Give A Graceful Exit to Your Past Clients


Pitfall No. 1: You are trying to prove your Scale exceeding Your Skills

The natural process of the exhibition is as follows:
After the successful completion of the project, other users can be streamed by your client at the end of the project. These new customers will introduce you to others. And this entire process will snowball until you work with top upper vertical names.

Since these recommendations are constantly being made, your Agency may receive questions asking you to bid or work on projects beyond your basic skill set. These requests can be a great opportunity for development, but if you can’t give strong results, their feedback can set up failure for your Agency.

This is not to say that you should not go beyond your core competencies. But you have to be careful. When things are going well, and your Agency seems to be in high demand, it will easily be fascinated by the dollar logo attached to these ‘bigger and better’ projects.

Before you say yes, carefully review what you need to run the project. Need to introduce more talent? Can you work with another agency that specializes in new areas? No matter how good it sounds, rejecting unqualified opportunities is much better than catching it and ruining the reputation of the brand you’ve built.


Pitfall No. 2: Your System is Not Scalable

It’s difficult to extend your services as a Digital Marketing agency in recent days. Because of the large number of manual work and know-how, creative work doesn’t spread naturally, but if the system can’t be expanded, things just get harder.

For example, consider a client intake. Do you currently have a system that can transfer as many onboarding processes as possible to your plate? Or do you use a manual process to require one of your team members to track the information needed to start a new project?

If you want to extend, but your system and processes still require a lot of manual work, you will always have a hard time before you invest in growth, leverage more scalable solutions to support your home.


Pitfall No. 3: You don’t have deep talent in you.

By its nature, scaling involves turning small things into larger ones. However, if you want to scale only from revenue or company-wide business perspective, you may miss a team that is another important element that needs to grow in a sustainable way.

Most of the digital marketing agencies have a dedicated team of employees who wear several hats or have a group of contractors who can click as needed. Expanding an organization means always adding talent. However, ignoring the impact of talent already has a risk that companies are more vulnerable to sales.

Suppose you have a team of 5 employees who all play multiple roles in the Agency. In order to scale up, the entire team must grow to 10 people. However, if you lose your initial team member during the expansion process, this loss of institutional knowledge and versatility can undermine your growth plans, regardless of the number of new employees you bring with you.

To prevent this pitfall from affecting your ability to grow and scale, you need to have two things in place:

To prevent this trap from affecting the growth and expansion of your Agency, you need to do two things:

• Processing constantly updated documents do not mean that the loss of existing team members will lose critical operational information.

• A recruitment method that continuously recruits applications for jobs that are not actively recruited. If sales occur (and this happens), it would be good if it already has a batch of strong potential candidate archives.

Check your team roster regularly and ask yourself what to do if each member resigns tomorrow. Even the best employees will never be with you forever. If you don’t have a good answer for all workers, now make a plan, and this exercise is still theoretical.


Pitfall No. 4: You Don’t Give A Graceful Exit to Your Past Clients

As your Digital Marketing Agency grows, service products or service offerings may change. The price point changes. The way packages are built will change to match the new, possibly larger customers you target. Therefore, your Agency is going to be changed, and there may be some clients on your roster that are no longer suitable for you.

Here, let them get limp with your Agency and because you are afraid to tell them that your growth no longer means that you no longer fit their needs.

Instead, create a plan ahead and migrate from the right customer in an elegant way. Monitor your business books regularly to identify customers whose services are increasingly inadequate. Then, at least one to two months before terminating the relationship, clarify the reason for the change and submit the change to a more appropriate agency if possible.

Growth may be the Holy Grail of most digital marketing agencies, but it could be like a double-edged sword. By creating a plan to avoid these pitfalls, you can increase your organization’s ability to scale without compromising performance or integrity.

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