Blue Prism Vs Automation Anywhere: Key Differences Between Two RPA Tools

Blue Prism Vs Automation Anywhere: Introduction

Blue Prism vs Automation Anywhere: Blue prism and automation anywhere have application-based accessibility. Automate anywhere design process is script-based. Blue prisms have full control and the visual process designers

Introduction to RPA

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is capable of handling huge volumes of repeatable tasks that were earlier performed by humans. RPA has a huge demand in the market as many organizations are migrating towards automation to perform front and back end operations. In an age when most processes can be automated, RPA is more serviceable than human efforts to deliver advanced software robots. Concepts like RPA go hand in hand with our times while driving digital transformation.

And repetitive tasks such as employee onboarding to sending the e-mail, all duplicate tasks running on a computer can be automated with RPA.  In this case, it is hard to imagine that RPA could reinvent the way it operates.  The following are the major RPA tools used for automation:

  • Blue Prism
  • Automation Anywhere

Let’s get to know these tools.

What is Blue Prism? 

Blue Prism is a methodology in which robots perform a set of tasks without human assistance. This tool reduces the manual effort and also enhances the efficiency of the tasks.

This tool was formed in 2001 and follows a top-down approach. It holds the capability of virtual workforce powered by software robots and also helps the organizations to automate the business operations in an agile and cost-effective manner. Blue Prism is based on c# programming language and offers a visual designer with drag and drop functionalities and no recorder scripts or any intervention.

What is Automation Anywhere?

Automation Anywhere is a user-friendly automation approach to automate any complex tasks. It helps the organisation to automate day-to-day processes.

The main motto of this tool is to provide its users with scalable, secure and resilient service and now, it has recently launched its community addition. Automation Anywhere provides enterprise service automation for better performance because of its ability to integrate and scale simultaneously with various platforms and also mainly designed for solving complex issues.

Now, as we know what these RPA tools are designed for and their purpose of automation, let’s understand the differences between Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere.

The following are the differences between Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere in terms of their working parameters: Blue Prism vs Automation.

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Blue Prism vs Automation Anywhere

ParametersBlue PrismAutomation Anywhere
LearningBasic programming skills are required. The ability to develop business objects and control or manage them is a must.It is user-friendly. Basic developing knowledge is enough. 
Perceptive CapabilityIt has less capability.It has a medium capability.
AccuracyAccurate across Desktop, web, and Citrix. Reasonably accurate across many mediums
ArchitectureSupports client-server architecture.Also supports Client-server architecture.
ReliabilityIts reliability is very high.Less compared to Blue Prism but more than Uipath.
Base TechnologyThe software is based on C#.The software is based on Microsoft.
AccessApplication-based access only.Application-based access only.
RobotsRobots are used for back-office automation operations only.Robots are used for both front and back-office operations.
Recorders Recorders do not exist. The automation is managed as re-usable scenarios.Recordings exist and can be modified. We have three options: smart, web and screen recordings.  
Operational ScalabilityIt is scalable with very high execution speed.It is also scalable with limited robot deployment.
ReusabilityHighly reusable.Highly reusable.
Market trendPopular compared to automation anywhere.Least popular.
Process designerBased on the visual process designer.Purely script based.
Offers and trail versionDoesn’t offer any trial versionCommunity addition is available for practice.
Job-related to tool RPA Developer (Blue prism).RPA Developer (Automation Anywhere).
Programming skillsPrograming skills are a must.Little knowledge of programming is required to use activities.
PricingThe cost is  higher for acquisition. The cost is higher for deployment.
CertificationCertifications are already available.Certifications are launched recently.


Today, there is a huge requirement for RPA developers around the globe.  You can opt for either of these tools based on your business requirements. Growing a  career in this field will be beneficial as many organizations are slowly shifting towards automation.

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