Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends to Lookout

In this blog, we’ve listed out 7 Digital Marketing Trends which can help you to increase your digital marketing strategies to the next level.

Technology has transformed the world into a worldwide town as far as easily connecting individuals from various countries, nations, and cultures. In advanced times, sharing data is simpler than it ever has been previously. Every year, new tools and advancements have developed and the digital marketing technology scene has expanded to 7,040 arrangements. Advertisers would now be able to browse a dizzying array of alternatives to connect with new audiences, advance their products by promoting, or build brand loyalty.

Technology keeps on progressing at a fast pace, so obviously, a portion of these trends are engaged around technology. Be that as it may, there’s additionally a pushback against the expanded digitization and automation of interactions among brands and consumers, and a desire to make advertising progressively human once more. 

While advancements, for example, AI and data-driven advertising will positively be big trends for 2020, the general spotlight will be on people, not technology.

Below is the list of top Digital Marketing Trends going to explode in 2020.

  1. Voice Search
  2. The Ascent of Social Influencer Marketing
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Polished & Interactive Emails
  5. SERP Position Zero & Featured Snippets
  6. Live Video
  7. Conversational Marketing

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Now, Let’s explore each one

Voice Search

On account of Siri, Google, Alexa, and a large group of other “savvy” gadgets, verbal communication with gadgets are proceeding to rise. The genuine takeaway is that talking is just a favored method for communicating. What’s more, presently the machines are at long last getting up to speed to the manner in which individuals need to look, shop, and find new things.

However, this displays some interesting Challenges. Directing a voice search, for instance, is totally different from typing an inquiry, especially in the outcomes. At the point when an individual plays out a content-based inquiry, the screen shows each page, in turn, the results. But, when somebody requests that a gadget lead an inquiry and the gadget answers verbally, it might just give a couple of decisions all things considered, and as often as possible, they supply only one decision.

The quickly rising voice search over the world has clearly had a significant effect on search patterns and SEO. Only two or three years back, voice search represented a little division of complete searches around the world. Today, we’re seeing in excess of 20 percent of every portable inquiry being finished by voice, with many anticipating that half of all hunts will be performed utilizing voice search by 2020.

That implies planning for voice search will require an alternate methodology, because it is one of the major areas of Digital Marketing and individuals are depending on it now, like never before. For instance, writing meta-depictions of sites has to be optimized for voice search with the goal that it “understands better” when being spoken.

Businesses ought to concentrate their outreach efforts by utilizing voice search optimization. Advertisers must utilize an increasingly natural language SEO to make content accordingly. Marketers have to be very particular about the voice search target audience and also should focus on long-tail keywords. Since searchers are going to be very specific when posing an inquiry. For example, in one inquiry, a customer may demand data about time, price, area and different details which sound substantial for written search queries.

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The Ascent of Social Influencer Marketing

Influencers used to be colossal VIPs or internet celebs with millions or a huge number of supporters or followers. Be that as it may, presently, organizations are going to individuals with a lot littler web-based life following to use as influencers and contact a focused number of audiences with a voice they trust. Influencer advertising has developed to turn out to be progressively customized.
Influencer advertising has developed to turn out to be progressively customized. As it turns out to be progressively authentic, 92 percent of individuals trust other customer suggestions over corporate publicizing. Consequently, advertisers from the main gaming organization propelled their profoundly fruitful influencer showcasing effort #Superlord on the social video application TikTok, which overwhelmed Germany: 
Further, a media kit study predicts that the money spent on influencer advertising could reach $10 billion by one year from now. It is very clear that influencer marketing is setting down deep roots.

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Content Marketing

It is most commonly said that content is king for every business. As one side of content marketing doesn’t fit all the requirements of the audience, the requirement for a customized approach in marketing is getting more crucial than any time in recent memory. In spite of the fact that conveying the right content to the particular audience at the ideal time is very tricky, it will increase the value of your content marketing strategy. since it assumes a significant job in boosting your user engagement rates.

Customized content for the audience depends on the visitor’s information in order to deliver relevant content. It comprises demonstrating dynamic pages dependent on explicit criteria, for example, geographic, segment or social characteristics with a highly focused call to actions to convert them more effectively. Content marketing is prioritized as one of the most important factors of Digital Marketing.

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Polished & Interactive emails

Email marketing still stays similarly as suitable as ever—the ROI of email showcasing as of February 2019 was 3,200%. In any case, different specialists notice that the numbers are easing back or stagnating. Instead of deserting this productive channel, advanced advertisers are reviving it with another layer of paint. Email advertising now and through 2020 uses messages that look and capacities like website pages—including interactive clickable buttons and different operations.

With the help of these new designs, they improve transformations. Readers are bound to click modified modern buttons with going with pictures than they are plain-text connections/links.

In any case, these days, in any event, utilizing website page based email formats isn’t sufficient; you need to go the additional mile with shocking visuals and UX-driven structures. Considering ROI referenced over, it merits ensuring your messages are as connecting with and wonderful as could reasonably be expected.

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SERP Position Zero & Featured Snippets

Search engine optimization will keep on being a significant part of digital marketing as we move into 2020, yet we’re presently observing one of the most significant moves in the SEO business in the most recent decade.
With the development of mobile and voice search, individuals are changing the manner in which they use web crawlers like Google. Being number one in the web search engine result pages or SERPS is no longer essentially the essential objective your business ought to focus on. You’ve most likely seen your own browsing behavior have been changed over the most recent years because of Google changes and the way that you’re searching for the quickest data when you’re progressing.

Structured data/featured snippets and other “on SERP” data implies that you don’t have to click the website link for more information – it’s in that spot on the Google search results page. This on-SERP, snippets may show up in different spots, yet the most looked for after position is directly at the top of the page, before the natural postings. This position has been named “position zero”. As it’s regularly the main data that a searcher will see, it’s profoundly pined for. Over 60% of list items returned by Google presently position zero-indexed lists.

Brands are as yet attempting to make sense of how to accomplish position zero as it requires diverse SEO strategies than those utilized for a typical posting in the SERPs. On the off chance that you can be the first in your industry to arrive, you’ll have a tremendous favorable position over your competitors. So hope to see more SEO organizations offering this administration throughout the following year, and focus on the most recent prescribed procedures for streamlining/optimizing your content. Featured snippets also called as one of the key main factors on Digital Marketing.

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Live Video

Live video is one of the most important Digital Marketing Trends to be looked out. The live video industry is required to be worth over $70 billion by 2021. Live video is amazingly well known with purchasers/consumers, and individuals watch multiple times longer observing live video than they do watch pre-recorded video.  Video is likewise the most well-known path for buyers to find out about new items. At the point when the live component is included, this makes the video all the more captivating as the crowd feels they’re a piece of it and can impact the substance, as opposed to simply inactively viewing. 

Live video is incredible for catching the eye of your social audience on Facebook or Instagram. These kinds of recordings are so alluring to watchers since they tap into “FOMO” or dread of passing up a great opportunity. At the point when you don’t know whether a live video will contain a goody of data that you can’t go anyplace else, or it will mean you’re the first to get some answers concerning some new and energizing news, you’re going to need to watch it.

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Conversational Marketing

These days, consumers are very busy and quick returns. Trendsetting innovation made a domain where individuals anticipate fast arrangements and snappy turnaround. The requirement for speed just turns out to be increasingly vital overtime goes on, which is the reason conversational marketing will be a powerful methodology for the upcoming year.

Conversational Marketing utilizes input and client information to drive transformations/conversions, improve customer engagement, loyalty and more. It’s simpler to improve your business tasks when you have data directly from the source. This technique begins a discussion with your audience so you can patch up regions of your image/brand that need improvement.

Live help, chatbots, client faithfulness projects and email marketing all utilization of conversational marketing. It works incredibly well for client assistance since it utilizes casual/easygoing language and AI-controlled innovation to assist customers with taking care of their issues.

Conversational Marketing lets organizations customize their approach and associate with consumers in manners they previously couldn’t. It gives a friendly touch to brands that may appear to be excessively specialized so they can increase better relationships with their clients. Rather than sending an exhausting, static study to your clients, you can give them a conversational structure that associates with them as they round it out. This expands changes and improves your lead list.


The coming 2020 digital marketing trends are going to increase both human and progressively mechanical. It appears the general draw of computerized advertising goes toward progressively close to personal relationships with more focused on specific niches, however the methods for causing those connections to depend on automation and new innovation. The core of digital marketing continues as before—getting individuals what they need, when and where they need it—and 2020 innovation is simply opening new ways to arrive.

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